Approachable Controls


The "approachable" control scheme is for experiences targeted at non-game-playing audiences, enabling people with a mouse or on touch screens to click on a place they want to go to, and their avatar will navigate automatically to this point. Projects that use the Origin character and controller BPs (extending BP_Origin_PlayerController and BP_M2_OriginPlayerCharacter) have this control scheme enabled by default.

For more details on the difference between this control scheme and "Game-ready controls", see Control Schemes | Approachability vs Game Ready.

The approachable control scheme uses "UI mode", and all the UI mode related controls outlined in Control Schemes | Modular control features.

UI Mode

  • In the approachable control scheme, you default to UI Mode (having the mouse cursor visible, and being able to click on UI elements/places in the world).

  • If you hold the left or right mouse button, you temporarily enter "game mode" (the mouse is hidden, and mouse movement is used to rotate the camera). This can be used to "drag" the camera to look around. Releasing the button returns you to UI mode. (This control feature is known as "click to turn")

  • UI mode may be disabled under certain circumstances (for example equipping a Paintball Gun gadget disables UI mode until unequipped). Control Schemes | Forcing UI Mode Off.

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