๐Ÿ‘ชAccess Control

Admins control who can do what within a MV using access groups. Each access group has a template (e.g. Admin, Developer, Event Runner) and a list of users.


Templates are effectively named lists of permissions that describe common workflows, e.g. an admin, a developer, someone who runs events. These are lists we can change over time, if there's not a template that fits your use case - let us know!

You can see what each template group means via the new access group modal

Adding a new access group

Click the + New button to add a new access group to display the following modal.

  1. Pick a name - this can be arbitrary and changed whenever

  2. Fill out the Members field with who're your looking to grant access to (you can select the Email Domain tab to grant access for a whole company) - this can also be changed whenever

  3. Select from the Access template drop-down ( e.g. Content Creator, Event Runner, etc) to control what your users can do - you can hover each list item to see what it does For templates like developer and event runner, you'll also need to select project(s)

What are Projects?

Projects let you make separates groups of content and worlds within your metaverse which can be extremely useful if have different teams working within your metaverse.

See the Projects page for more information.

After submitting, the page should refresh, and you should see the new access group row.

The above user would now be able to download the editor, upload content, and launch worlds within the ally test project.

You can click the โœ๏ธ button to modify the access group name and add/remove users.

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