The Mยฒ pricing model contains 3 components:

  1. Usage

  2. Support

  3. Transaction Fee

Usage and Support are covered on this page. The Transaction Fee is covered here.

Pricing model

The pricing model is based around the usage of virtual worlds of different sizes including:

  1. World minutes - the number of minutes a world is running

  2. Players connected per minute - the number of players connected to a world (inc. bots)

  3. Streaming client hours - the number of client hours provisioned via one of our 3rd party service streaming providers (hours are the minimum provisioning time such that if a player connects to a streaming client, the client will be automatically be provisioned for a full hour)

Usage Costs

World minutes

World minutes costs vary depending on the size of the world:

World Size

Max Players

World running hourly cost


500 CCU



1,500 CCU



15,000 CCU



  • Costs are rounded up to the nearest minute

  • CCU = concurrent users (1 connected player is 1 CCU)

  • โ€œPlayersโ€ include both both real clients and bots

  • More world sizes will be added in the future

  • All currencies are in USD

Player minutes

Player minutes cost $0.02 per hour for all template sizes

Support costs

Mยฒ currently offers two support tiers: Free (the default) and Enterprise



Cost per month






Discord support



Dedicated support

- Response times

- Direct Slack support channel

- Availability

- Ticket response

- Support response follow-up

- Named Engineer




2 hours (10:00 - 17:00 UK time)




Roadmap Input



Access to Mยฒ Solutions Team


Yes, at additional charge**

*Support with Feature Discovery, Integration and Implementation guidance and new feature exploration

**Please get in touch to explore custom Solutions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the usage pricing?

Pricing includes access to the Mยฒ platform and technologies including

  • Development tooling (the Mยฒ customised version of the Unreal Editor)

  • World operating platform

  • Access control

  • Usage monitoring

Over time we will bring more services to the Mยฒ platform, with additional (optional) pricing models.

How would I estimate my usage bill?

The cost will be a combination of world-hours (how long the world is up) and user-hours (how many people are in the world, and for how long).


A metaverse owner runs recurring events in Small Worlds. Over one month the world is running for 50 hours, with 50 users connected on average. No bots are used.

Their bill would look like:

  • Worlds: 50 hours ร— $1.50 / world-hour = $75.00

  • Users: 50 users average ร— 50 hours ร— $0.02 / user-hour = $50.00 USD

  • Total = $125.00 ($75 + $50)

How do I keep track of my bills?

We provide a dashboard when you register for the service.

How do I pay for third-party services?

Some third-party services can be used with Mยฒ , such as pixel streaming.

If you are not operating within MSquaredโ€™s workspace (the default) then you would engage and pay for these services yourself, with no involvement from MSquared.

If you are operating your worlds within Mยฒ workspace (for example to leverage logs & metrics services, analytics, DDoS or video streaming) we will discuss your pricing with you directly. Contact your account manager for more information.

Does it matter where my Users are?

We charge the same no matter what region the underlying infrastructure is in.

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