๐ŸงชFeature Test Gym

Beta Quality - Customers are encouraged to test and use Beta features in their experiences, may still require some support


The Feature Test Gym is a curated environment where we make all of our polished gameplay features (Beta and above) available in a single location. This serves as a great review location for engineers and customers, and a test area for QA to easily spot visual and functional regression.

To access the same environment for Prototype and Alpha features, please use the Approachability Gym instead.

Adding a Feature

  • Find a suitable space in the level.

  • Add the feature in a way that easily and quickly demonstrates the core functionality of the feature.

  • Add a signpost that explains to users how to view or test the feature, or what is being demonstrated.

  • If you are an Improbable Employee, and your demonstration is not intuitively understandable, then add a usage explanation (a ReadMe) as a child of this page, using this template.

Accessing the Feature Test Gym

  • The Feature Test can be accessed in one of two ways:

  • Directly via the editor (press ctrl+p and search for featuretestgym)

  • Through the always on deployment at https://showcase.m2worlds.io/worlds

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