High Scale Mode

Enabling high scale in your game, at the cost of some latency and fidelity.

High scale mode allows you to increase the CCU of your deployment to between approximately 15k and 20k users, at the cost of some latency and fidelity. Use if your project wants incredibly high scale and client-to-client latency isn't that important (like a concert).


To enable high scale mode, set the Live Config value in morpheus.json: ConnectionParams.UseHighScaleModeOverride to true.

    "ConnectionParams": {
        "UseHighScaleModeOverride": true

Note that this setting needs to be set before your world has started. Hence it's highly recommended to include this setting as an override on your Origin project or map Live Config. For more details, see Overriding default Live Config settings.


High scale mode will decrease the rate of updates that clients receive, and increase the latency between a client sending an update and another update receiving an update - particularly in midground and background networking levels.

This may be unsuitable for certain types of gameplay, such as tag or shooter gameplay, that relies on high fidelity and low latencies.

Further details

High scale mode mode works by:

  • Decreasing client flush rate (for foreground and non-foreground properties)

  • Decreasing Mark tick rate (from 30Hz down to 10Hz)

The client flush rates used in high scale mode can be configured using Live Config: set the values ConnectionParams.HighScaleForegroundFlushInterval and ConnectionParams.HighScaleNonForegroundFlushInterval in morpheus.json.

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