M² uses a customized version of the Unreal editor.

Experience creation is a challenging aspect of building a metaverse due to the complexity of asset creation and their efficient combination into experiences. The M² platform includes the editor, designed for content creators with knowledge of Unreal Engine. This tool enables users to create ‘places’ – worlds, experiences, and games within a specific M² metaverse with full interoperability.

Developing content with the M² editor is a development solution that can significantly improve content iteration time and external development accessibility for metaverse projects. Contributors can use Unreal Engine development workflows to author and upload game content for immediate use in launching shared M² Metaverse Experiences.

Metaverse owners can also white-label this solution and provide their own Unreal-based editor to their community for content creation.

The editor unlocks the full capabilities of Morpheus for every developer, a networking solution that enables creators to support thousands of players and objects in the same space, all at once.

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