Cloud Chat

Text chat between the web and in event experience

Experimental - Customers are encouraged to test and use this feature in their experiences, but it may still require some additional support


The ability to chat on web and in game, including:

  • Chat from Web to Unreal and back

  • Works on Mobile and Desktop

  • Text appears in game above the head

  • Ability to hide and show the widget, and custom sizing

  • User name and profile image appending to the message

The in-and-out-experience chat is backed by PubNub. For battle-tested, in-experience only chat, see Legacy Text Chat.


  1. Make sure you have a safe internal launch context id set up for your editor users.

  2. Configure the variable Social.Chat.Editor.LaunchContextId in deployment.json with this value (see below)

How to enable

  1. Enable TextChat.UseCloudChat in game.json.

  2. Make sure your in-game HUD is set up to use the new chat system

The following settings in game.json influence the Text Chat feature:



Default Value


Enables the cloud chat functionality



Forces mobile view regardless of detected platform


The following deployment.json influence the Text

SettingDescriptionDefault Value


Determines how the client should determine the launch context id to use for chat.

The values are as follows:

โ€œLiveConfigWorldIdโ€ (use the legacy M2.Domains.WorldId value) - this is how the previous system worked

โ€œLiveConfigChatLaunchContextโ€ - a setting provided from live config (Social.Chat.LaunchContextId)

โ€œCommandLineLaunchContextโ€ - use the -LaunchContextId command line argument the game was booted from (default behaviour if not set)

CommandLineLaunchContext (the game uses the commandline argument -LaunchContextId)


Use this launch context id for chat.

Only when Social.Chat.LaunchContextSource is set to LiveConfigChatLaunchContext)


Similar to Social.Chat.LaunchContextSource, but determine how the editor should find its chat launch context.



Set this to a โ€œknown goodโ€ (safe/internal) launch context that should be used for chat in your project.

This is required for editor users to use chat.

You can create one in the M2 Web Platform Admin UI



The launch context id in the web to scope the chat to.

This must match the web portals if you want cross-experience chat.

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