Game-Ready Controls


The "game ready" control scheme is for using more game-like controls (e.g. mouse for looking around, WASD for movement. Projects that use the Origin character and controller BPs (extending BP_Origin_PlayerController and BP_OriginPlayerCharacter) can enable this feature to let players control the camera with their mouse. This is suitable for games that require the classic WASD + Mouse controls, while still having access to other Origin features.

With the game-ready scheme, players will be able to switch between controlling the UI and controlling the camera with their mouse.

For more details on the difference between this control scheme and "Approachable controls", see Control Schemes | Approachability vs Game Ready.

Similar to the approachable control scheme, the assorted modular control features outlined in Control Schemes | Modular control features can be configured for this control scheme.

UI Mode

The way that "game ready" mode handles UI mode is different to the approachable controls:

  • "Toggle UI Mode": Entering UI Mode brings up a mouse cursor to interact with UI elements

    • Bound to right-click by default. This key can be disabled or rebound to a different key, following Control Schemes | Turning UI mode off altogether.

    • By default, players in the game-ready control scheme will not be in UI mode, instead being in "game mode" (the mouse is hidden, and mouse movement is captured to instead rotate the camera).

    • UI mode can also be enabled automatically under certain conditions (such as opening the Inventory view or equipping a gadget like Crowd Navigator which requires a mouse cursor to select people). See Control Schemes | Forcing UI Mode On.

Other UI mode additional features, such as "click to move" and "hold to follow" used by the approachable control scheme are also available in game-ready mode, if the player is in UI mode. You can control per-project whether they are enabled, following Control Schemes | Control related settings.

Rotating on the Spot

By default, if you tap a direction using the WASD keys the character will face that direction without moving, allowing you to turn on the spot. There are a number of properties on the BP_M2_CharacterBase blueprint and its Character Movement component (inherited from the J_CharacterMovementComponent class) that can be used to fine tune this behaviour, or turn it off entirely.


  • "Face Last Acceleration Direction"

    • When true, the character will always turn to the last pressed direction, even if you release the key (the character will continue to turn).

    • "True" by default.


  • "Axis Movement Delay"

    • Time in seconds between pressing an axis input before the character starts moving. Having a slight delay allows users to tap an axis direction to turn to it without moving.

    • Default value is "0.1"

  • "Axis Release Delay"

    • Time in seconds between releasing an axis input before the system registers that no axis is being held. This allows moving from one axis to another to be considered as one continuous input.

    • Default value is "0.15"

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