The Loudspeaker allows the user to be heard from anywhere on the current world instead of using the Spatial audio.


To be able to use the Loudspeaker feature you need the PDA_Item_LoudspeakerDevice equiped (More info about items in Inventory). It's a toggleable item so once activated there won't be any menu appearing and the feature will be enabled. You will know if it's enabled or disabled by the message appearing on the top of the screen and the Mic icon changing to a Megaphone. Using your chat key will use the global voice if the Loudspeaker is enabled.

Blueprint Functionality

Loudspeaker uses the Crowd Audio system to enable the global voice. To use the Loudspeaker on a character it needs to have the BPMC_CrowdAudio component and call "StartLoudspeakerRequest" to enable or "StopLoudspeakerRequest" to disable.

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