Custom HUD / Interaction Widgets

The interaction system is being reviewed and refactored, please reach out if the contents of this page no longer match what is available in Origin

Using the M2 Interaction menu while not using the M2 HUD

If you wish to use the M2 Interaction menu but are not using the rest of the M2 HUD, simply add WBP_M2_FullInteractionMenu to your HUD.

Using a custom widget in place of the M2 Interaction menu

  1. Replace the WBP_M2_FullInteractionMenu with your custom widget in your HUD.

  2. On Bootflow finished Obtain the M2_InteractableHandlerComponent from the Morpheus actor of the owning player, and bind to necessary events.

  • Bind to RequestInteractionMenu to use for opening the menu.

  • Bind to RequestCloseInteraction if you wish your widget to listen for requests to close from external sources.

  1. Once an option has been selected, call InteractWithOptionId on the handler, with the interactable in question, and the OptionId of the selected option.

It is important that your widget call CompleteInteraction on the Interactable Handler component upon closing; if you do not then the handler, and any external systems waiting for the broadcast, will think it is in a permanent state of interacting.

Using a custom widget to temporarily override a menu on a per Actor basis.

It is possible for each interactable to determine at run time if it wants to trigger the RequestInteractionMenu broadcast, or use a custom widget. Please see the Custom Widget Spawner example for more information.

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