Interaction Live Config

This page details how you can configure the Interaction system using Live Config

Live config is currently not usable as a non-Improbable creator - we're working on it


Enabled by default. Disabling this will revert to the unsupported and soon to be deprecated legacy version of this system.


When enabled, any object that has the M2_FocusCameraComponent is able to be made the main focus of a user's screen when interacted with.

Disabling this means that interaction will not be available.


When set to true, an interactable with only a single interaction option will by default bypass the interaction menu upon interaction and will immediately trigger the sole interaction option. This can be overridden for individual objects/options


When set to true, nameplates will be hidden while an interaction is ongoing.

CausesFreezeWhileInteracting to be ignored if true (as there are no nameplates to freeze).


When set to true, Interactable nameplates will not respond to updates from targeting strategy while an interaction is ongoing.

ie. If your targeting strategy selects 'looked at' objects and you: - Look at object A and interact. - Look at object B.

IfFreezeWhileInteracting is false then Object B's nameplate will display, if true then Object A's nameplate will display.

Only takes effect if HideWhileInteracting is false.


When enabled the Nameplate of the object you are targeting is displayed over the object itself, instead of the default behaviour of displaying the name above the Quickbar.

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