Launching an instance for your world

The Remote Viewers system uses a separate โ€œtrustedโ€ client instance of your experience which runs in the cloud alongside the main game server and supporting services. This client receives messages from your experienceโ€™s web page and uses those to trigger actions in the game world, such as spawning avatars, triggering emotes, voting in polls, etc.

To launch one of these clients check the Remote Viewers option during world creation. This will launch a client that will run for the duration of your world

(Optional) Enabling/disabling Remote Viewers after a world has been created

If youโ€™ve launched a world with remote viewers enabled (as shown above) you can optionally disable them on a per-event basis. This can be used during an event to control when users can interact with the system, or to completely disable it.

This is controlled from the options page for the event that is linked to your world

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