Project set up

Configuring spawn points

In order for Remote Viewer actors to be spawned in the correct place in your world you first need to configure this in your level.

  1. Add J_PlayerStartVolumes to your map, encompassing the areas that you would like remote viewers to be spawned within.

  2. If not already in the level, place a BPM_SpawnControls actor and setup the Spawn Areas array with your newly created volumes

Setting up your master actor class

  1. Create a new actor class which derives from AM2M_RemoteViewerMasterActor

  2. Configure roles for your master and visualizer actors and enter the names of the roles in the corresponding settings

    1. While this may not be the case for your project, typically the master actor has no visual representation and can be spawned as a a simple observer (eg, the render target defined by PawnLodLevelSet is SpectatorPawn or similar)

    2. The visualizer actor's role should use a PawnLodLevelSet with your desired render target. (the render target determines which class is spawned as the visual representation of your visualizers!). Please read the networking section first for a base understanding of Morpheus actors and render targets

Setting up your visualizer Morpheus Actor

Alongside the visualizer render target actor discussed above, this is the class that will be spawned for each user that is watching your experience from the web portal so should be configured as you see fit for your project.

  1. Create a new Morpheus actor class which inherits from AM2M_RemoteViewerVisualizer

  2. Create a new Morpheus component which inherits from M2M_RemoteViewerControlComponent and add it to the actor you created in step 1. See BPMC_RemoteViewerVisualizerControlComponent for an example of how emotes can be handled through Event Perform Action

Setting up the spawner with your master and visualizer actor classes

  1. Open the spawner class that is used by your project. You can find this through your map's World Settings pane

  2. Choose your master and visualizer actor class in the corresponding settings boxes

  1. Ensure that Remote Viewers Enabled is set to true

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