Testing in the editor

The Unreal portion of the Remote Viewers system can be tested in-editor for quick iteration. Using this method you can test player spawning, avatar and user name display using the remoteviewers.simulate.start and remoteviewers.simulate.stop commands

  1. Configure the editor to connect the first PIE instance using M2_RemoteViewerConnection connection type

  2. Configure the remote viewer simulator settings as required. Tooltips for each setting explain their purpose

  3. Launch 2 or more PIE instances and run the remoteviewers.simulate.start {number to simulate} command in the remote viewer client instance. This will generally be the only PIE window where no player avatars are visible as remote viewer clients do not receive any network information for other players. This is an optimisation in order to reduce the amount of unnecessary work that the system needs to do

  4. Ensure that visualizers are spawned as expected using the other PIE instances

  5. Use the remoteviewers.simulator.stop command to stop sending updates. It will take some time for visualizers to despawn (controlled by Time Until RVDespawn property on the Remote Viewer Master actor that is being used by your project)

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