Existing devices

Here is a list of devices (Item Assets) that have been created, along with a brief description of them, and their current status.

For information on how to add these devices to your game, see How to add items to your inventory/quickbar.

Usable devices

These items are functional, and can be considered as in the ALPHA state.

  • PDA_Item_ChatFinder

    • TODO

Item Granter

The PDA_Item_ItemGranter is an item that you can use to grant everyone currently present in your current deployment a particular item, either via manually typing the item name, or searching for it from the list of all items.

There are some intended follow-ups to this item granting flow for the future. If any of these would be a priority for your project, please reach out!

  • Allowing the granter to select specific users to grant the item to

  • Applying an "item grant" globally to everyone, including late joiners. (So people who arrive after the item was granted will still receive the item)


There are 2 different types of soundboard, which list the available sounds differently. Both allow the user to play a sound and a VFX for all the players that are in their foreground network level.

You can restrict the players' ability to play sounds through live config if Inventory.AllowSoundboard is set to false(this is true by default).

  • PDA_Item_Soundboard

    • This is a general purpose soundboard that can be configured with a list of sounds of arbitrary length. The user selects a sound from the list, and activates the sound with the "Play" button.

    • See BP_ItemExecutor_Soundboard_List and BP_DeviceSetting_SoundList as a base to extend/modify the sound list.

  • PDA_Item_Soundboard_[X]

    • (E.g. Animals, Arcade, GameShow)

    • These are the "variant"/"themed" soundboards. They are configured with only 4 sounds, and each sound gets played by clicking its respective button.

    • See BP_ItemExecutor_Soundboard_Buttons as a base to extend/modify the sound buttons.

In-development devices

These items are either currently being worked on, or in the process of being fixed up. Please reach out if you are interested in these devices - they may be mostly functional, but some features/UI may be missing.

  • PDA_Item_ImpulseGlove

    • NOTE: Hasnโ€™t been migrated to the approachability flow yet.

    • TODO

  • PDA_Item_Silencer

    • TODO

  • PDA_Item_Ping_Approachability

    • TODO

  • PDA_Item_MassTeleporter

    • TODO

  • PDA_Item_MassFollow

    • TODO

  • PDA_Item_LoudspeakerDevice

    • TODO

  • PDA_Item_ImageDisplay

    • TODO

  • PDA_Item_ForceNavigate

    • TODO


Enables you to spawn a โ€œpingโ€ effect at the selected location. The effect is visible to all players, and remains at the location for a duration defined by the Inventory.Quickbar.PingDuration live config value. (If none is defined, it will be shown for 5 seconds).

The buttons are as follows:

  • โ€œPingโ€: Spawns the ping at the location

  • โ€œColorโ€: Opens a menu to select which color is used for the ping. See BP_DeviceSetting_ColorSelect for more details on how the color selection works.

NOTE: Each ping spawns a new Morpheus Actor, which is fine in small numbers, but has not been tested at scale. If you are running an event with large player counts, this device should only be given to elevated roles, such as presenters, to make sure we donโ€™t spawn too many pings at once.

TODO - switch from tracing from the camera centre to allowing clicking on locations on the screen


We have a number of single-use consumable items, that activate immediately upon clicking on them. Most give a temporary effect.

TODO - display โ€œcooldownโ€ information, i.e. how much time remaining there is for the granted effect.

  • PDA_Item_TRexCharacterChange - turns your character model into a T-rex

  • PDA_Item_MoonGravity - temporarily increases the floatiness of your characterโ€™s jumps

  • PDA_Item_Grow - temporarily makes your character larger

Drone cam

The drone cam is an item that allows you to switch to a "drone cam mode" - your character remains where they are, but you spawn and take control of a "drone cam", that you can fly around.

Whilst in drone cam view, the controls are indicated on the bottom right, and you can choose to exit the drone cam mode, or reset your drone's position from there.

You default to first-person in the drone cam, but third-person is also supported.

NOTE: This has been scale tested and is problem-free at 500 players. At 15k, there were some noticeable adverse effects that still need investigating: Some bots were crashing, and there was a noticeable spike in frame time as the drones spawned. This settled once the drones were all spawned. If you want to use drone cams for all players in an experience with high player counts, please get in touch.

NOTE: This feature is a work in progress, and has some known bugs. For instance, it doesn't behave nicely yet with all our other systems - if you attempt to emote, or use the Esc menu, things will look broken.

There are two forms of drone cam:

Regular Drone Cam (PDA_Item_DroneCam)

All you can do as a drone is move and look around.

Admin Drone Cam (PDA_Item_AdminDroneCam)

This drone cam is the same as the normal one, but has added devices, for use by players with elevated privileges. This works in the same way as the device quickbar for normal players. The devices granted to the admin drone cam are:

  • PDA_Item_Ping_Approachability

  • PDA_Item_ForceNavigate

  • PDA_Item_MassTeleport

Deprecated devices

These items may have been functional at one point, but are no longer in use, and have not been maintained. They may work, but we offer no guarantees on these. (Their logic could still be useful as a starting point to make other devices though)

  • PDA_Item_RemoveMML

    • TODO

  • PDA_Item_PortalGun

    • TODO

  • PDA_Item_MMLObject

    • TODO

  • PDA_Item_FlightToggle

    • TODO

  • PDA_Item_CoinBag

    • TODO

  • PDA_Item_ToggleBarriers

    • TODO

  • PDA_Item_MMLProfiler

    • TODO

  • PDA_Item_MMLDevice

    • TODO

  • PDA_Item_3DPrinter

    • TODO


  • DEPRECATED - should be using PDA_Item_Ping_Approachability instead

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