Place Mode

The place mode is an additional mode, for spawning objects into the world from your inventory, by clicking on a location.

  • If you click on an object in your place mode quickbar, you can then place it into the world by clicking on a location.

    • A preview object indicates where the object will be placed.

    • Scrolling the mouse wheel rotates the object.

  • If you have no object selected, you can move or remove objects you placed

NOTE: We do have plans to support non-MML items in your place mode view, but this has not been implemented yet.

How to set up

  • To use the place mode, your Morpheus Pawn (the actor extending BPM_M2_PlayerCharacterBase) needs to have the BPMC_PlaceModeComponent.

  • To have objects present in the place mode, you need to have a collection, that you can add MML Objects to. Details of how the collection works, and how it is set up is not covered in this doc. Best place to ask questions about this would be #MVG-connect-support in slack.

    • You can add an MML Object to your collection using the Add button, and providing your document's WebSocketUrl

We also have some live config flags to give all users some default MML objects. See MML Starting Items for details on this flow.

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