Mass follow ability


Usage of the ability is very simple! First make sure you have the Presenter role.

  • Select the ability, which has a sprinting icon and is currently bound to 6 on the keyboard.

  • Left-click to use the ability. This will cause everyone to follow you.

  • Right-click to stop people following. This will cause everyone to stop following you or anyone else - ie. it will return them to their base state of control.

And thatโ€™s it!


For safetyโ€™s sake, we recommend not leaving the ability selected when not using it to avoid the risk of eg. an errant left-click causing peopleโ€™s movement to be restricted. UX improvements will be added to prevent this in the future.

Please note that while the mass follow ability is running, other users' movement is disabled. They are forced to follow the user of the ability. As such, we recommend the ability is used sparingly.


There are currently no live config values associated with this ability.

Known Issues

The main known issue with mass follow is the following:

  • If another presenter right-clicks to cancel the ability, it will cancel the follow even if they didnโ€™t activate the ability in the first place.

Multiple options can be selected.

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