Mass teleport ability


Usage of the ability is very simple! First make sure you have the Presenter role.

  • Select the ability, which has a three-person icon and is currently bound to 5 on the keyboard.

  • Right-click cycles through three modes:

    • My Location: Teleports everyone to your location, after a short delay.

    • Cloudhaven: Teleports everyone to Cloudhaven, after a short delay.

    • Grand Avant: Teleports everyone to the Grand Avant, after a short delay.

  • Left-click to use the ability.

And thatโ€™s it!

For safetyโ€™s sake, we recommend not leaving the ability selected when not using it to avoid the risk of eg. an errant left-click causing a mass world travel. UX improvements will be added to prevent this in the future.


There are two live config values which can be used to configure the ability. Both of these are in game.json.

  • MassTeleport.DestinationRadius Set to 500.0 by default. Make this value smaller to spawn players closer to the presenter when using the My Location mode, and larger to spread them out further.

  • MassTeleport.Delay Set to 5.0 by default. Controls the delay (in seconds) between when the ability is used and when the teleport occurs.

  • MassTeleport.HeightOffGround Set to 500.0 by default. Make this value larger to spawn players higher off the ground when using the My Location mode, and smaller to make them spawn closer to the floor.

Known Issues

There's currently a couple of known issues:

  • The presenter will also see the UI prompts telling people that theyโ€™re being teleported.

  • If used in a cramped space with many adjoining rooms, players may be teleported to other rooms than where the presenter is.

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