Mยฒ (or MSquared) is both the name of a development platform and the interoperable network of metaverses built using it.


Metaverses (MVs) in Mยฒ are creatively autonomous yet interoperable. They are groups of virtual worlds that exist as part of the broader interoperable Mยฒ network.


The dashboard is the entry point to both metaverses and tools. It is how developers and other MV operators interact with the Mยฒ network. From here:

  • Admins can manage access across the MV , handle billing, and additional configuration

  • Developers can download the editor, and launch virtual worlds that are made from it

  • Event runners can run events in virtual worlds using content uploaded by developers

See Dashboard for more information


Worlds are single instanced virtual spaces, individually capable of up to ~10ks CCUs. Worlds are launched by clicking Launch in the header and involve selecting a map (from a mod), runtime, size (how many players can it handle), and more.

Standard worlds will be deleted after the duration of the world has ended. If this is not your desired outcome, you can set up persistent or always on worlds.

Persistent worlds - Worlds that always exist, but are not always on. By setting up persistent worlds for events, the creator will not have to remake or reconfigure access groups, live config, links, events, and any other world state already configured.

Always on worlds - An extension of persistent worlds that are set up without a duration end time.


Mods are developer-uploaded Unreal projects that can be used to start worlds. Each developer gets their own mod which is automatically created for them the first time they click upload in the editor. All future uploads will be part of the same mod. When starting a world, you always select a mod (and a map within that mod) to run. By default, only the mod creator (and admins) can use a given mod to launch worlds.

Mods can be viewed in the Mods tab of the dashboard. Below, you can see the ally's game mod, and a history of the 14 different versions of it that have been uploaded.


Events are a dedicated concept for engagement of users into a running world. You can create an event to advertise your metaverse events ahead of time using them as placeholders on your end user website with calendar links, YouTube trailers, and more. At show time, you can link the event to a running world to connect users into a world based on your content.


see Projects


The Mยฒ editor is an extended Unreal Editor including plugins for creating worlds with high-scale rendering/networking/audio, MML, interoperable objects, avatars, and tooling to upload to our content pipeline.


Interoperability in Mยฒ describes the abilities for players to travel between virtual worlds across all metaverses and bring their identity, avatar, items (and more) with them. Interoperable virtual items benefit both creators and end users through transferability - as a player my item is cooler because I can take it anywhere and as a creator my merch is more valuable because it's more valuable to the player.

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