Bots are fake players that help creators representatively test game performance, rendering and networking by simulating high player counts.

Adding bots to a world

You can add bots directly to a launch world by clicking the ๐Ÿค– Add Bots button

After a few minutes, you should see bots start to appear in your world

Adding bots locally

In the Play dropdown, set the Number of Players to 2 (or more) players.

Open Editor Preferences, search for Editor Client Connection Types

First, add J_PlayerClientConnection, then a J_BotClientConnection (and more if you added more than 2 players in the previous step).

Pressing Play will now spawn an additional window for each bot connection

Bot behaviors


Bot behaviours describe what actions the bot takes after spawning.

In the Outliner panel, ensure your level has a BotBehaviorStore (if not, add one).

In a PiE session, press ` to open the console.

Type Morpheus.Bots.List to list available bot behaviours in the Output Log.

Enter Morpheus.Bots.Run emote (or another entry), and all running bots should change their behaviour accordingly.

Adding new behaviors

Bot behaviors are implemented using Unreal behaviour trees. To implement behavior trees, you can reference the existing behaviors or consult the Unreal docs:

Once created, add your behavior tree to the list of behaviors on the bot behaviour store in your level (giving it a unique name).

In a PiE session, type Morpheus.Bots.List and you should see your new behavior name.

Type Morpheus.Bots.Run <behaviour_name> and all bots should start to execute your behaviour tree

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