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After you have created your project (see Getting Started) these steps outline how you can import marketplace content into your game and use it in a game with other players.

Asset packs

Asset packs are marketplace content that can be added to existing projects.

  1. For your chosen asset pack, select "Add To Project".

  2. Select "Show all projects" to see the project you've created:

  3. Select your project and change the "Select Version" to 5.3:

  4. Click "Add to Project" which will download and add the asset pack into the Content folder of your selected project.

  5. Open your project and add your content. Only the content you use will be uploaded.

Now you can add content to one of your own levels:

Sample projects

Sample projects are likely to contain incompatible content and be very large in file size. We recommend being careful with the content you use from these projects.

Migrating content is not guaranteed to work.

Sample projects are marketplace content that requires creating a new project from scratch. We currently don't support this type of marketplace content out-of-the-box. However, it is still possible to get this to work with your own MSquared project for sample projects that support Unreal Engine 5.3 - for example, you may want to migrate some content from the Lyra Starter Project into your own game.

  1. Install the standard Unreal Engine 5.3 from the Epic Games Launcher.

  2. Obtain the marketplace content and create a new project using Unreal Engine 5.3:

  3. Open the project in vanilla Unreal Engine 5.3.

  4. Migrate the content you want in your MSquared project by right-clicking, hovering over "Asset Actions", and selecting "Migrate...".

  5. Check the selected content it displays makes sense. Add or remove any content you don't want migrated to your MSquared project here. When you're happy, click "OK".

  6. Select the Content folder for your MSquared project.

  7. Wait for the content to be migrated.

  8. Once the content has been migrated you can use it in your MSquared project just like asset packs from the marketplace.

Using your content

Place your content wherever you'd like. Follow Upload content and Start a worldon how you can quickly see your new marketplace content in a launched world where you can invite others.

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