How to make an always on world

If you want the world to be up nearly all the time.

At present, you need to reach out to us if you want an always on world so we can help set this up for you! This process is only available to customers who are hosting their Origin content with us, and not for self-serve customers.

There are issues with Unreal and networked games running for a long period of time due to potential memory leaks or problems with rounding issues creeping in. As such, our Always on Worlds are not exactly that, but instead we save the game state and we re-start the world daily.

We can setup a scheduled job that runs at the same time each day, and deploys the latest version of your project to a persistent entry point, with the new version set to run for 24 hours. Let us know how often you want it to restart / run and when.

We use the M2 Persistence System to write custom data to our backend, and retrieve it to restore state when the world is restarted. Other persistent state is also stored within the user collection subsystem, but that's usually reserved for user data rather than deployment/world data.

The deployment may not start again. We currently rely on QA to check/test the build each morning but will look to automate this as much as possible moving forward.

Please reference the glossary to learn more about the difference between persistent worlds & always on worlds.

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