Simplified flow for abilities with use animations

We have made a BP_ForegroundAbilityWithUseAnimation child of MorpheusForegroundAbility, which adds some helpers and structs to simplify the flow for abilities that want to play a synced animation on execution.

For these, if you make Event Execute Remote/Owner call the parent methods, that will handle playing the synced animation.

The class also exposes a DisableMovementForAnimDuration flag. If this is true, movement will be disabled whilst the ability is playing. If you want this false, it is recommended that you make sure your ability montages are upper body only,

If you want behaviour to happen at the sync point (defined by the SyncAbilityEvent on the animation(s)), you can use the WaitForSync method.

See e.g. BP_SoundboardAbility for an example usage.

  • This has 2 montages provided: AM_UE5M_Ability_GenericItemPrototype and AM_UE5M_Ability_GenericItemPrototype_Short. (So that the remote clients and local clients may play slightly different animations for the purposes of matching their sync points.

  • DisableMovementForAnimDuration is set to true, meaning that the character will be unable to move for the duration of the animation.

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