Avatar Mantling & Auto Step

Avatar Climbing

Experimental - Customers are encouraged to test and use this feature in their experiences, but it may still require some additional support


Mantling support for Game Ready controls:

  • Avatars can grab ledges and climb up while jumping

Auto Step Up / Down support for Approachable controls:

  • Avatars can automatically mantle, step up or down while pathfinding to a destination.

  • This will make up for the lack of jumping in Approachable navigation modes and give designers more freedom to create interesting settings that donโ€™t require flat surfaces and ramps everywhere.


To use the traversals feature, you need to make sure you have the following components added:

  • Add the M2_CharacterTraversalsComponent to your J_CharacterBase derived character blueprint. For example, BP_M2_PlayerCharacterBase in M2UP.

Traversals rely on the montage animation system, so you should also have:

  • Add the JM_CharacterMontageComponent to your JM_CharacterBase derived morpheus character blueprint. For example, BPM_M2_PlayerCharacterBase in M2UP

  • Add the J_CharacterMontageData derived data asset. This is connected to the montage component above.

  • You will also need to add the animation sequence entries to the crowd animation data asset as well to work in the crowd.

It is likely the montage system is already integrated, as emotes now work using the same system.

How to enable

Traversals are enabled through the traversals component that in the player character blueprint. You can configure the obstacle detection, as well as each traversal.

Individual traversals can be enabled/disabled using the IsEnabled boolean on each traversal's section in the details panel.

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