UI Sound System

Instead of simply playing a sound directly in a Blueprint, UI Sounds are played using BPFL_Audio_UISoundManager by calling one of the contained functions, for example PlayUISound_MenuOpen:

A data table override can be supplied, and it is built from the S_Audio_Metadata structure, and by default contains the following items:

If you want to create a custom set of UI sounds, please follow these steps:

  1. Duplicate the Data Table DT_M2_Audio_UISounds, and place the copy in your project alongside your new UI SFX assets, and rename it appropriately.

  2. Populate the Data Table with appropriate UI SFX, ensuring that none of the existing rows are removed.

  3. Append any additional rows you need to the end of the table.

  4. Locate your project's PDA Skin asset (for example, the Origin skin is PDA_Skin_Origin), and add your new Data Table to the Sounds field.

Please be aware that all UI SFX MUST have the following SoundClass: SCL_M2_NonWorld_UI.

Below is an example of an implementation of UI SFX using this system:

In this example, the public variable UISoundDataTableOverride is left null, and can be set on the Blueprint to change the sound, or left null to use the default sound.

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