Persistent worlds

Standard worlds you create will be deleted after the duration of your world has ended. Persistent worlds will stick around, allowing you to maintain access groups, live config, events, and other world state.

Create a persistent world

Follow the same steps as in Start a world. Before starting your world, enable "Create persistent world" in the optional settings.

When this world's duration has ended, the world will transition to be inactive instead of being deleted. You can find your world under the "Inactive Worlds" tab on the left side of the Worlds page:

Update an inactive persistent world

From the tab on the left you can find your world page. From here, you will be able to modify everything about your world while it is inactive including linked event, access groups, and other relevant world settings.

To update your world settings, first make changes. Once you have made your changes, click the "Submit" button to make your changes permanent.

Start an inactive persistent world

Once you're happy with your world, you can click "Start" to run your world with the settings

Please reference the glossary to learn more about the difference between persistent worlds & always on worlds.

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