๐ŸšชEntry Flow

Beta Quality - Customers are encouraged to test and use Beta features in their experiences, but may still require some support


This page teaches you how to customize the experience of entering your experience. It covers everything that happens up until the point the the player takes control of a character. This includes:

  • Changing the loading screen

  • Adding splash images & videos

  • Changing fade in timers and colours

  • Other features configurable via live-config


All of this comes as standard out of the box when using Origin.

How to enable

Loading Screen

There are two ways to dictate what the loading screen is when joining an experience:

  • Setting the launch context image

  • Using Project Settings to set your image

Launch Context - Using the admin dashboard you can set the launch context image which will be downloaded when logging into an experience.

Project Settings - It is possible to set your experience's splash image via project settings. This image will be cooked and uploaded as part of your content, and will be displayed during start-up. NOTE: This will take priority over the launch context image so can be useful if you don't want to use the launch context image as your loading image.

For further instructions on setting this up please refer to this document

Splash Images & Videos

There is a new world-setting that can be configured to show a series of images/videos before the player gains control of their character. This is commonly used to show publisher images & controls schemes. Any number of images & videos can be setup and they will be displayed in the order that you put into the world-settings' Splash Screen Display Data array.

Below shows an example, you can configure the fade in and out duration, how long the image is displayed for and make the image clickable. The clickable check box allows the image to be forced to be clicked before it moves onto the next screen, such as if you want the player to acknowledge that they have seen a control scheme image.

Fade in timers and colours

When joining an experience the screen will fade from by default and then show the player. However there are some variables here that we can control. By default what this system does is check the player is grounded before we fade the screen in to make sure we are slightly falling from a player start being in the air. The variables we can change are below:

  • FadeInOverride (float) - This is how long we wait till we fade in regardless of them being on the ground (this is to make sure for whatever reason if the player is constantly falling that we don't stay on a black screen). Default 5.0 seconds.

  • FadeInTime (float) - This is how long the fade in takes to go from 1.0 - 0.0 opacity. Default 3.0 seconds.

  • FadeInHex (string) - This is the colour of the fade in screen. Default 000000FF.


*DISCLAIMER* live-config is currently only available for internal use please reach out with any concerns or issues

There are some features that have been feature-flagged through live-config the list below will show you how to enable them and what they do.

  • ShowOriginVersion (bool) - When logging entering an experience the origin version will be shown in the bottom right. Default true.

  • SkipLegalScreens (bool) - At the beginning of the entry flow an Improbable branding / legal screen is displayed. This screen can be skipped. Default false.

  • ShowNowEnteringText (bool) - When entering an experience a text appears saying "now entering {experience name} this text can be toggled on and off. Default false.

  • SkipSplashScreens (bool) - Right before the players can start moving in game it will cycle through a list of splash screens such as publisher images. We can override these images and skip them using this flag. Default false.

  • SkipSignInConfirmationScreen (bool) - Right as the player loads the client we go through some sign in steps. Once the player signs in then a confirmation button is shown and a welcome message. This flag allows us to skip that step entirely and go straight into the experience. Default true.

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