Overriding default Live Config settings

In some cases, you may find that default values set by the Origin Live Config schema are not suitable for your project's use-case. To work around this, projects can define a set of live config override files as needed.

Overrides to schema default values can be specified by defining a set of {config-name}.override.json files under certain paths in your project. Override files should be formatted as a subset of the live config settings defined in your schema. For instance:

        "MaxActivitiesPerPlayer": 99

is a valid override file for the game Live Config. As such, any world that is started for this project would launch with "Activities.MaxActivitiesPerPlayer" setting set to 99.

(Note: any settings that are defined in an override file but not in the present in the schema will be ignored)

Currently, we support the following levels of override, which will be applied in the listed order:

  • The Project level These overrides will apply for all worlds running on the project content build.

    • Directory: {project-root}/Config/LiveConfig/Overrides/

      • e.g.: .../Overrides/game.override.json

  • The Map level These overrides will apply for all worlds running on the given map. The override directory name must exactly match the short package name of the map asset in Unreal.

    • These overrides takes precedence over any overrides on the project-level.

    • Directory: {project-root}/Config/LiveConfig/Overrides/{map-name}/

      • e.g: .../Overrides/Meadow/game.override.json

  • The Editor Certain live config settings may only be applicable on a cloud deployment. In these instances, you can specify editor overrides on your project build. Note that PIE sessions will also apply the project/map level above as appropriate.

    • Project Editor override

      • This override will apply on PIE only for this project, and takes pecedence over Project- and Map- level overrides.

      • Directory: {project-root}/Config/LiveConfig/Overrides/Editor/

        • e.g: .../Overrides/Editor/game.override.json

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