๐Ÿ“…Create an event

Events are a way for you to schedule and advertise your metaverse events ahead of time and enable public access to worlds.

You can use events as placeholders with calendar links, Youtube trailers, and more.

Once you have a running world ready for your event, you can attach the event to the world so the event page will connect users directly into the world.

Events required permissions to create and manage, if you can't see the UIs shown the screenshots in this page, please contact your metaverse owner.

Creating an event

Go to the Events tab and click โœ๏ธ Create Event

Your initial event configuration could look like the following:

If an unauthenticated user now visits construct.m2worlds.io they would see:

Back in the Events tab, we can further edit the event:

For example, you could add a youtube embedding link to replace the static image:

After submitting the change, the user experience now looks like:

Linking a world

To get users into a world, you need to link the event to a world.

If we've started a world called ally's event world by following the Start a world documentation, we can either:

  • edit the Linked world setting on the event

  • or link the world to the event via the world page

After having linked the world to the event, event details can now be edited via the world page:

Users that have access to your world can now join through the event page:

Public access

There are 3 types of public interaction that can be configured for events:

  • Public visibility - can a public user see the event page

  • Public stream client access - can a public user open a stream client (to connect to the world linked to the event)

  • Public client download - can a public user download a native client (to connect to the world linked to the event)

These properties are edited on the event (the latter two are only displayed after a world is linked):

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