The MSquared Launcher is our small desktop app that helps speed and manage downloads of editors and game clients.

Before default the launcher, its configuration, and managed applications are installed to C:\Users\<Username>\AppData\Local\M2Launcher

Customize the M2 launcher installation

After installation, you can configure where MSquared tooling and clients are downloaded. The default installation is to ~/AppData/Local/M2Launcher but you may want to select a different location. To change download location:

  1. Create a new folder in your desired location, e.g. D:\\M2Launcher

  2. Open the settings file: ~/AppData/Local/M2Launcher/Config/settings.json

  3. Edit the paths clientsDirectory, editorsDirectory and cacheDirectory to your new Folder, e.g.

        "clientsDirectory":  "D:\\M2Launcher\\Clients",
        "editorsDirectory": "D:\\M2Launcher\\Edtiors",
        "cacheDirectory":    "D:\\M2Launcher\\Cache"
  4. Save the file

Directory structure

The subdirectories in the M2Launcher folder are as follows:

  • bin - MSquared Launcher binary

  • Editors- All editor downloads

  • Clients - All game clients downloads

  • Config - Configuration files for the MSquared Launcher app

  • Logs - Output from the MSquared Launcher app, please send us this folder if you encounter download errors.

  • Cache - (Internal) Store containing binary chunks of download apps to help with caching for faster downloads

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