Millicast video streaming

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Millicast is a third-party streaming solution offered by which is an e2e solution for recording, encoding and showing live video streams in the experience.

Basic setup

Follow the steps here to get a video feed running in-game.

Multi-stream support

Advanced - Implement Millicast In Your Own Blueprint

Millicast Control Config

Your Stream Name and Account Id can be found on

Stream Url should be set to:


Screen Control

If youโ€™re using BPM_VideoPlayer instead, you may have to check your screen controls and make sure the โ€œMillicastโ€ option is selected.

Stream Config

Note - When streaming, you have to select either vp8 or vp9 codec. h264 is not supported by Unreal.


Q: I want to stream pre-recorded video, should I use millicast?

A: No, please use the lightweight Streaming Video Player instead.

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