Setting Role Groups

How to setup what Roles users have


Role groups control who can access your world and what game roles they have, e.g. Participant, Presenter, etc. Groups can be configured based on individual email address or whole email domains, e.g.

Each role groups defines a list of games roles which affect what capabilities the relevant user(s) have in the world, what their character looks like, and more. Each user has a list of game roles available to see (see the screenshot below).

When a player spawns into a virtual world, they are assigned one of their available games roles.

Players can change which game role they have active in the settings menu. This functionality is useful because it lets a special guest switch between being a presenter or a regular participant.

Setting Roles when Starting Worlds

You can configure role groups for a world when Starting a World or while its running, to setup when starting you will find the Access groups in the Optional Settings section.

By default, the world has a single role group for the host providing them with all game roles.

You can configure access for either specific emails or email domains so and for the whole of the domain. This will only work for users that have access to the site, to allow others access, consider using the Create Guest Links option.

Common Roles

Some common roles are:

  • Participant - this is a normal user role with basic access

  • Presenter - this has the ability to use global voice communication

  • Director - full access to the controls for the experience

  • Observer - this grants the ability to have fly cameras and can adjust the audio, this role is to help support live broadcast of the experience. For more details see Observer Controls

  • Approachability - this user has more touch friendly controls built for mobile and non-core gamers

  • AudioMixer - this role can adjust the sound levels in the experience

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