๐Ÿ”ผUpload content

Upload your Unreal maps from the editor

Uploading the template content

After Downloading the editor and creating a project you can test the upload flow by uploading the example maps.

Click the Upload Content button in the toolbar.

This button will open a popup window where you can optionally set a description for your upload.

The editor will ask you to "Please Check your Selected Levels for Uploading". Select Continue to accept the defaults.

For your first upload, this will open a browser for authentication - make sure to use the account you used to login to the website.

After login, you should see a status window of your upload appear

Once the upload completes, you'll see a popup window linking to your upload in the web UI

Click the Open in web portal button

This displays page displays information about your mod and the version you just uploaded.

A Mod is a representation of your created Unreal content in our web platform.

When you first upload, we'll automatically created a new mod for you and your uploaded content will be the first version of your mod. After this first uploaded, your local Unreal project will automatically be updated with the mod ID so that your future uploads will become newer versions of your mod. Note - we only store the cooked version of your assets, not the raw versions, so this is not a replacement for proper version control (i.e. you can't download your project from the uploaded assets).

Click the ๐Ÿš€ Launch button (below your mod title) to launch a world using your content

Creating your own map

To create your own map, it's likely easiest to copy-paste one of the template maps, e.g. Meadow or Infinity Space

Rename it to distinguish it from the template maps.

Change something in the map to differ from the example map, e.g. copy-paste some Actors

For example, the below images shows:

  • having copied and renamed the Meadow map to MyFirstMap

  • double-click the map name to make sure it's open

  • copy-pasting the orange shelters so there's more than the 1 in the template Meadow map

Go to your project's Project Settings, and find M2 World Builder Data (under Game).

Add your map as an map under Settings->Maps

This section in Project Settings dictates what maps are visible in the web UI for any given version of a mod.

Click Upload Content again and follow the flow

In the web UI, you should see a new version of your mod with your map upload

After uploading your content, you should try and Start a world

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