The Soundboard is a simple tool for playing global sound effects in a world. The control panel provides lists of sounds that are either โ€œOneShotsโ€ (play once, and do not repeat), or โ€œLoopsโ€ looping sounds that must be stopped by the control panel user.

How to Use the Soundboard

  1. Add an instance of BPM_M2_Audio_Soundboard to your level.

  2. Create a DataTable, using S_M2_Audio_SoundboardSounds as the Structure.

  3. Fill the DataTable with your sounds, organising them into OneShots (sounds that play once) and Loops (sounds that play constantly until stopped).

  4. Set your Data Table in the SoundPackages field on your Soundboard.

  5. Once in-game, the panel can be opened as a Director by clicking on the actor, or adding the ActorTag AutoOpen, and used as follows:

    • Clicking any of the OneShot buttons will immediately trigger that sound.

    • Clicking on any of the Loop buttons will play the chosen sound - you do not need to stop the current looping sound in order to switch to a new sound.

    • Clicking STOP will stop the current looping sound (but does not affect any OneShots).

    • Clicking Stop All will stop any currently-playing Loops or OneShots.

    • The Volume slider allows the user to increase the volume to 2x, or reduce it to zero (i.e. muting the Soundboard).

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