How to set up a URL or Embedded Video player

  • Add a BPM_VideoPlayer to your level.

  • Add a BPM_VideoPlayerControl to your level.

Web URL:

Embedded Video:

  1. Ensure your video is the correct format (as required by Unreal's Electra media player) We test video assets encoded with ffmpeg. To install ffmpeg, you can run a powershell terminal (as Administrator) as run choco install ffmpeg (or download from their website).

    Then, for a given video called in.mp4 you can run:

    ffmpeg.exe -i in.mp4 -crf 28 -preset slow out.mp4

  2. Place the encoded out.mp4 video into your Content/Movies folder in your project (create the Movies folder yourself if you need to)

  3. Create an M2 File Media Source by right-clicking in your Content Browser and selecting:

  4. Name your asset whatever you like, e.g. TestVideo, then double-click to open it

  5. In the right-hand panel, select your video asset from the Content/Movies folder you put it in:

    This should result in:

  6. Lastly, either in PiE or after uploading your content, launching a world, and connecting in:

    1. Ensure you are Director mode in order to be able to manage the video player control

    2. Right-click to display your cursor and click video player control

    3. Select your video asset from the Embedded Video drop-down list

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