Streaming Video Player

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We use Epic's Electra Media Player. It allows you to play a video stream or file, either locally or over the web, using file:\\, ftp:\\, http:\\, rtsp:\\ protocols.

Video can be live streamed using HLS over the internet. Electra has all the usual video player support (pausing, seeking, skipping etc). For more information see:


Q: What is the difference between Electra Media Player and Millicast?

A: Millicast is used to stream (that is: record a screen, encode it & play it live in the experience). The Electra Media Player is used to take an existing video stream or file & play it in the experience.

There is some overlap in possible use cases, but Millicast is overkill if you just want to play a pre-recorded video.

Q: What specification should I encode my video at for optimal playback.

A: We test with video assets encoded using ffmpeg. Assuming that your input video has the correct video and audio codecs (see Media Framework Technical Reference) then this command will give you a reasonably compressed mp4 file: ffmpeg.exe -i in.mp4 -crf 28 -preset slow -vf out.mp4

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