Character Movement

The Character Movement sound system primarily handles footstep sounds, and can be used "out of the box" without any need for further modification.

In order for the footstep sounds to play, however, all Materials must have a Physics Material applied. These can be found M2Content/MaterialLibrary/SurfaceTypes.

Adding a New Footstep Sound

This guide will outline the process of adding a new set of footstep sounds, triggering these sounds with animation notifies, and adding a new Footstep sound Data Table. Not all of these steps must be followed, as you will not always need to (for example) tag new animations.

  1. Author footstep sounds for the five movement states (as required): Jumping, Landing, Running, Sprinting and Walking. Any states that are not expected to be used can be ignored (for example if jumping is not enabled in your project, Jump and Land can be ignored).

  2. Create a MetaSoundSource, and add the MSP_M2_MovementSystem_Footsteps patch, and add array for each input.

  3. Populate the arrays with your sounds, as seen below.

  4. Add AnimationNotifies using AnimNotify_Audio_MovementSystem to any new animations, ensuring that the State and Bone variables are set.

  5. Make a copy of DT_M2_Audio_FootstepSounds, and populate it with your assets, as required (or merely replace the specific sounds that you wish to override, or modify their properties). You can map sounds to Physics Materials in this DataTable.

  6. Set this DataTable to be used by the BPC_Audio_MovementSystem component on your Character.

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