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Process for upgrading your Unreal project to a new M² editor version


Below are the section summaries for upgrading to a new M² version:

  • Downloading the new M² editor version

  • Upgrading your Unreal project and ensure compatibility

  • Changing the default editor download version in your dashboard

Downloading the new editor

Click the Select older version dropdown and select the version you wish to upgrade to.

Click the Download button and accept the popup to start the editor download

Upgrading your Unreal project

Once downloaded, you're ready to update your local project content to the new MSquared version.

Select your existing project and click Open (or alternatively click Browse...).

You will be prompted to convert your project.

Click More Options... and then Convert in-place.

This will modify your local .uproject file, so be sure to include the file in any project update change list modifications in your source control tool. You can now open your project by simply clicking on the uproject file.

Refer to the Breaking Changes section of the MSquared version to provide the necessary content and config changes to update your project.

Once all breaking changes have been addressed, you're project update is complete. Re-upload your mod to update it to the editor version you're now using.

You can verify this by checking the M² Version on the mods page for your mod.

Changing the dashboard default version

Lastly, you can other change the default download button so that others in the metaverse can download the updated version.

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