Connecting editor clients to a live world


  • All the World Builder content used in the packaged client/server must be available in the editor, as the editor cannot download uploaded World Builder content.

  • Start the editor in the level you want to play in. We don’t currently have ways of checking you’re in the correct level.

  • You’ll need to know where your editor executable is located. This can sometimes be difficult, but the simplest way is to

    • Launch the desired editor via M2Launcher.

    • Navigate to %localappdata%/M2Launcher/Logs and open the most recent log file.

    • At the end of the file it will display the executable path.

  • You’ll need the deployment name to hand, which can be found in the “Output Log” after creating an experience using the UI:


Navigate to “Editor Preferences” and search for “Editor Connection Strategy”, then change to “Cloud”.

in “Editor Preferences” search for “Sign In”, click the + next to Per Client Sign in Settings and in the newly added array element below set the Type to “Single Sign On”\

Play standalone

Also in “Editor Preferences”, search for “Standalone Game“ and add -DeploymentName <DeploymentName> to the “Additional Launch Parameters” text box.

You can then launch using “Standalone Game”.

The first time you do this, you may be prompted with a Single Sign On dialog in another window. If the client pauses at the sign on phase, look for that window elsewhere.

Play in viewport

Start the editor via command line with the deployment name specified:

<EditorLocation>/Windows/Engine/Binaries/Win64/UnrealEditor.exe -DeploymentName <DeploymentName>

You can then play in any form of PIE on the cloud server.

Via Command Line

It’s also possible to connect to a cloud world directly from the command line.

First, make sure the project settings are configured to open your intended map on launch.

You’ll also need to know where the .uproject for your project you created is located.

Below is an example command line that will connect to the cloud as editor, without opening any UI in the process:

<EditorLocation>/Windows/Engine/Binaries/Win64/UnrealEditor.exe" "<PathToProject>\<ProjectName>.uproject" -DeploymentName=<DeploymentName> -game -Windowed -ResX=1280 -ResY=720

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