Moderation Technology


MSquared platform currently has an available integration with CommunitySift which allows for manual moderation of text and voice logs in real time, as well as automatic moderation.

This is separate from the profanity filter present in the default text chat.

CommunitySift provides the ability to:

Follow text and voice messaging in real time to identify bad actors

Set bespoke policy guidelines, linking words or phrases with moderation topics

Bundle these phrases into easy to navigate content queues

Text and voice messages can then be moderated within these content queues

Options are then provided on how to manage the user to Mute, Suspend (for a defined period of time) or to Ban them

Requesting CommunitySift access

Currently the license and access to CommunitySift is managed by MSquared, so if you would like to utilise this, or have MSquared provide moderation for your event please get in touch.

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