๐ŸŽฅBroadcasting an Event

How to broadcast your event to streaming platforms

There are many different types of events that can be run using the M2 Platform, and their needs around streaming and broadcasting will all differ in terms of audience participation and project scope.

These can broadly be broken down as follows:

Basic screen capture

Uses OBS to capture screen contents and publish to Millicast or other platforms, possibly using Observer mode to control the camera in dynamic ways. Ideal for ad-hoc, dynamic events

Automatic or manually directed stream

Using our OBS plugin, you can preconfigure cameras in your world which can be output directly to OBS for more advanced streaming use-cases. With Unreal Sequencer, cameras could be setup to automatically loop between points of interest or could be manually directed while broadcasting live in order to pick the perfect angle

Audience Selected Camera Controls

This feature is roadmapped but not currently available for use!

Using a combination of the above, let the audience viewing on web pick between cameras

Professional broadcast team

Reach out to speak to us get access to our expert broadcast team, for the most critical events, with decades of experience creating broadcasts for gaming, sports and television

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